Friday, April 11, 2008

Taking My Time...

If you've been reading the so-called "Top Ten" things about home atmosphere that I've been posting, you may have noticed that I'm not posting one every day. That's because, even though they're written, it takes me a little bit of time to read through, edit, and make them coherent. When I wrote them, I thought of them mostly as discussion notes, and since some of you haven't read them or don't know much about my home atmosphere or homeschool, I want to get that across at least a little bit. So, I'll post one every two or three days, depending how long it takes me to clean up each item.

Being such a prolific poster might make you think I'm sitting here at the computer for hours on end, but I'm really not. I write most posts really fast. (I told Aimee that I should call my blog "The Blitzkrieg Blogger.") The picture part is slower, but Melissa has taken care of that, and I've slowly gotten pretty quick at it, too.

(By the way, Melissa messed around last night and designed my header. What do you think? I love it! )

Now that I'm familiar with the basics (the very basics) of how this blog setup works, it's easy and quick to put up a post. My goal is to have a routine for this and to spend very little time each day working on it. Posts will be getting shorter, especially once this "top ten" thing is finished. Actually, I looked at the paper, and the rest of them are much shorter than the first three I posted, so they'll take up less room and less of your time if you're reading them.

I was thinking that these posts might come across as more complicated or difficult than I mean for
them to be. I scanned the list of ten things last night, and I cut each thing down to four words and then to two. If all the amplification of each thought makes these ten things seem difficult or tricky, please don't think of them this way. From now on, I'll give you a four word synopsis of each post, and then I'll put the two word version in parenthesis. If all you do is what is in these tiny synopses and forget about all of the research and the ideas, you'll still be doing all that is needed to give your home the spirit of what matters!

Here are the short versions of what I've posted so far (oh, I can't find my list... where is that thing...? oh, well, I'll make up new ones):

1. Converse attentively with children. (Get chatty!)
2. Long hours for play. (Play hard!)
3. Direct contact with nature. (Go outside!)

As I post, I'll list the short versions for each one, and if looking at the simple list helps you to remember that it's not so much what and how you do these things as that you do them with a light, loving spirit, then I'm happy. Don't even think of them as helps for learning. Think of them as something that makes a nice home and family spirit. And, as a benefit, the kids will become increasingly engaged in interesting things, and a nice family atmosphere will grow.

I have a meeting this morning, so I'm off!

Have a lovely day,