Wednesday, May 21, 2008

List of 10 Things I Ate Today...

I'm taking a break from my house-organization project. A lot has been done so far today, and I hope to accomplish much more before stopping for the evening. Because I'm busy today, I've eaten whatever is leftover in the fridge or is easy to grab or fix. Today's diet is short on greens/salads so far, but, oh well.

So, for today, what I've been eating:

1. A humble piece of buttered sprouted grain toast.

2. Fage yogurt topped with raw honey, cinnamon, and crisped, chopped walnuts.

3. Leftover Tangy-Sweet Potato Salad

Yikes. I should have done some food styling before the photo was snapped! The cilantro and onions are usually chopped smaller, and the cilantro is not so clumpy. :-)

4. Fresh Carrot-Apple-Lemon juice.

5. Roasted Potatoes with Lemon and Thyme.

6. A
chocolate-banana-kefir shake.

7. Sliced Apples with Willamette Valley Cheese Co.'s delicious Smoked Gouda Cheese.

8. A bit of Green & Black's organic 70% dark chocolate.

Green Lemonade (to come a bit before dinner).

10. And for dinner (also to come), I'll use the roasted lemon potatoes that are leftover from my lunch and have them with blackened roasted salmon and bok choy ~OR~ I'll use them in a frittata with smoked salmon and herbs (and a salad or greens on the side). I'm leaning toward the second because it's quicker, and maybe I'll make blackened salmon tacos for dinner tomorrow evening.