Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Au Revoir for a Week (and a Raw Food Book List)...

I said I hoped to get the rest of that raw food post up today, but I was happily busy with company instead. My daughter came out to the house for a visit with my two grandsons, and we had a full day-- the kind of "full" and busy that doesn't accomplish anything on the to-do list! And since I'm leaving town for a week tomorrow afternoon, the to-do list will have to get done this evening.

That means I'll finish the food post when I return (I've got a lot written, but I need to figure out what I really want to say!) In the meantime, though, I'll go ahead and post my raw food book list. These are the books I own (I've checked others out of the library, too, but I won't list them here):

Green for Life (Victoria Boutenko)
-- This is a very interesting, intriguing book on why we should drink green smoothies.

Living Cuisine (Renee Loux Underkoffler)
-- I love her food! Renee explains in this book why and how to eat raw. My favorite salad dressing is in this book. (It's the dressing for her New Waldorf Salad-- I'll put up the recipe later.)

The Raw Food Detox Diet (Natalia Rose)
--This is the one that convinced me I could survive on a raw diet! There are some really good, easy recipes in this book. Other raw food books have recipes that are more complex, with lots of ingredients. That's fine and good, but this book is a good place for a new-to-raw person to start.

Raw Food. Life Force Energy. (Natalia Rose)
--Honestly, the content of this one is a bit too strange for me. I think there are good recipes in here, but I don't open the book much.

The Balanced Plate (Renee Loux)
-- This is the "new" Renee, who is now not all "raw." She is still vegan, though, and there is plenty of raw food in this book. Again, I love Renee's recipes, and since I am not a real raw foodist (but neither am I a vegan or even a vegetarian, which I'll explain later), this book is a good one. It's where I found my avacado-based recipe, "Chocolate Mousse of the Gods" that I posted about awhile back.

Raw Food, Real World (Matthew Kenney and Sarma Melngailis)
--Before Matthew Kenney became a raw chef, he was an up and coming traditional chef, so good in fact, that he was pictured on the cover of Gourmet magazine with a few other rising American chefs. So he knows food! I haven't made as much from this book as I intend to in the future, but everything I've tried has been really delicious. The authors have parted ways, but they have both just now (or will soon) come out with new raw cookbooks.

Rawvolution (Matt Amsdem)
--I actually gave this one away to my daughter, Aimee, who likes it very much. I think the author is a good chef. His recipes look great. And he has some... uh... unusual... ideas.

Raw (Charlie Trotter and Roxanne Klein)
--I don't own this, but Aimee does. I've borrowed her copy and really like it. I will definitely buy this book eventually (when I find an extra good deal on it somewhere.) Charlie Trotter is a great, well-respected, award winning, traditional chef who became interested in raising the quality level of raw eating.

On the other side of things (and I'll say more about this later), here are the books I like about eating traditional foods:

Nourishing Traditions (Sally Fallon and Mary Enig)
Real Food (Nina Planck)
Eat Fat, Lose Fat (Sally Fallon and Mary Enig)


In Defense of Food (Michael Pollan)
-- This includes some stuff about traditional diets, real foods, etc. I really like Michael Pollan's humor, intelligence, and writing style. This is a good book.

I'm not leaving until tomorrow afternoon, and if I find myself with absolutely nothing to do for a stretch of time before leaving, I'll finish that other post, but it's highly unlikely that I'll say anything more until I return from our big adventure.