Friday, June 13, 2008

Afternoon Coffee Hour...

"In Sweden, three o'clock in the afternoon is coffee hour, and every traditional household has a jar of homemade cookies in the pantry, ready to serve with steaming cups of freshly brewed coffee." ~Marcus Samuelsson in Aquavit

It's a beautiful day with blue sky and warm air and grandchildren and a cute little puppy playing in and out of the house. After work, Melissa picked Michelle up and brought her out for the day. We did some work and played with the boys and visited, and at 2:00 (instead of 3:00 like they do in Sweden), we stopped and had coffee. It's a good idea, and I stole it long ago. We used to have teatime (made in a Brown Betty pot) every afternoon, but now the kids are grown and gone, and I might have coffee, tea, or even a smoothie when I take my break.

That's our afternoon coffee in the photo above. It's custom made for each person! :-) Michelle and Melissa wanted whipped cream and grated chocolate on their coffee, and I had mine black. I even pulled out a secret stash of cookies to go with it.

Notice the mugs? I found them all at Goodwill on one of my weekly stops. I love the aqua one, and I had my coffee in that (it's more aqua than it looks in the photo). I really like those cute, shorter mugs with the designs, too-- they're from the early 1960's. Melissa and I have our Mexican coffee in them every morning. It's hard to beat the price of 49 cents for a mug I really like.

I'm about to leave to take Michelle and the boys back to their home, to mail some packages to Aimee, and to pick up something I bought at Goodwill yesterday. But first I have to mention something Roman said that made me laugh. He was sitting in the car with a little red bucket full of cotton balls. I asked him what they were, and he said, "They are rain balls!" Huh? Then Michelle told me that's what Roman calls hailstones. :-)

By the way, I'll do the post about "eating well on a budget" tomorrow or Monday. I hope your day has been as nice as ours.