Friday, June 6, 2008

Cod Liver Oil!

I really never thought I'd put up a post about taking cod liver oil, but some of you asked (way down below) why I said it did miraculous things, and I think that deserves a response. Okay, miraculous might be too strong a word, but my experience has been positive. :-) Hopefully, I can make this post brief and to the point (something that clearly does not come naturally to me!).

I was reading Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, PhD. (authors of Nourishing Traditions; Enig is an expert on lipids), and in the book they strongly advocate taking cod liver oil and including a lot of unrefined coconut oil in the diet. I know there are countless diets and supplements and eating plans that make grand promises (and have plenty of "testimonials" to go with them), and I really don't want to get into that. There are arguments and controversies about seemingly everything that's nutrition or diet-related. So, I'll just tell my little story and then be quiet. :-)

For a long time, I'd had some health issues that were probably going to necessitate surgery. I'm the kind of person who prefers to deal with the root of a problem naturally, if possible, so when I ran across the story of a woman in Eat Fat, Lose Fat who suffered with the exact thing I was dealing with (but worse, and her troubles had gone on for years), I paid attention. This woman was told to take an extra high dose of cod liver oil daily, and within days, her problem was completely under control.

Well, I tend to be a skeptic, someone who is slow to come around to believe these kinds of things, but I was certainly willing to try the cod liver oil. What could it hurt? And it would cost less than having surgery, not to mention avoiding the pain that would be involved, recovery, etc. So, I went right out and bought cod liver oil and immediately began taking about four times the recommended dose (which was much lower than the woman in the story took). I was absolutely stunned when, within three days, my problem, which had been going on for many months, had completely disappeared. At first, I thought it might just be a fluke, but it's been about three months since I started taking cod liver oil, and I still have no sign of that once-chronic problem.

And as a bonus, my skin got brighter and softer. Melissa started taking cod liver oil and also noticed a big improvement in her already nice skin. Then Michelle started taking it and giving the recommended dose for children to her boys.

And here's the second "miracle." Michelle's second boy has suffered from a bit of a skin problem since he was a tiny thing. The skin on his back and the back of his arms was really rough-- it felt almost scaly. Michelle tried everything she could think of to clear it up. Changed laundry soap. Used really clear, all-natural soaps and even tried using no soap at all. Removed all allergens from the house. Use all-natural, non-toxic products for everything in her house. Tried dietary changes. Tested different foods for allergies. Nothing helped. The doctor shrugged off the skin problem as insignificant. Within days of taking the cod liver oil, though, this little guy's back and arms were as smooth and soft as a baby's should be.

I don't intend to stop taking cod liver oil.

Is it safe? Here's how Fallon and Enig address that:

"Many people are concerned with pesticides and mercury concentration in fish products. However, cod-liver oil sold in this country (all of which is imported, mostly from Norway) is highly tested; it contains undetectable levels of pesticides and no mercury (mercury is water soluble and resides in the protein part of fish)."

So, there you have it. :-)