Thursday, July 17, 2008

Inside, Outside...

Inside, we're having lots of fun using our CSA produce. Here are some pretty red carrots (they're yellow on the inside), tossed in olive oil, sea salt, and cumin, all prepped and ready to roast. We ate them yesterday evening for dinner, and they were delicious. I loved those crispy, thin tips, and I wish I'd have left the green ends longer because they roast so nice and tasty!

And this was a yummy beet and apple salad with orange-ginger vinaigrette on greens.

Outside, the flowers are finally all in bloom. Here's just a small view of part of the front flower beds. All of the plants I have growing this year are native perennials that require very, very little water, even in our arid climate. I water them maybe twice a week unless it's extra hot and windy.

Yesterday morning I when I was online, I clicked on the weather to see what was forecast. It said: Current Temperature: 67 degrees. Conditions: Smoke. Yes, it's been smoky every day for quite a while now, a common summer occurence, in the dry regions of the western states especially. Currently, there are many fires burning in Washington and California, so the sky in parts of the west is pretty hazy. This is nothing like the year of Oregon's Biscuit fire, though, when almost 1/2 a million acres of forest land burned. It was really smoky that year. Aaron and I both felt ill most of the time that summer (allergic to the smoke?), and we were forced to remain indoors much more than we wanted to.

Thankfully, this year, the smoke isn't heavy enough to keep us inside. It's nice to go outside for a long walk, to putter around in the flowers, to sit in the morning sun with a cup of coffee. I even hung towels on the line to dry this morning for the first time in several days. They might end up with a faint smell of smoke, but if they do, we'll just pretend we're camping!

Are you enjoying summer's wonderful produce and your yard and gardens?