Monday, July 28, 2008

Simple Pleasures...

Aimee (Not-the-Aimee-Who-is-My-Daughter) over at Living, Learning, and Loving Simply, is having a simple pleasures celebration. And since I'm all about simple pleasures-- being a simple woman and oh-so-easily-tickled-pink-- this is a no-brainer for me. So, I'm joining the party. (If you decide to take part, be sure to make it known.)

I'm getting a late start, but here's my first Simple Pleasure:

Okay. We're talking really simple here.

When I spotted the stack of these three bowls at my local Goodwill, I made a beeline for them and snatched them right up. Why so special? Well, does anyone remember me saying in a post last week, when referring to the colander that looks just like my mom's, "And at age 50, my decor is all about meaning and joy!"? Well, I meant it.

My grandmother had a set of these dishes. There were other colors besides green in the set, too. Yellow, I think, and pink, and a bluish color (probably aqua). My mom still has a few of these pieces. I remember eating from these dishes when I was a very, very young girl, and just seeing them in the Goodwill that day flooded me with warm memories.

And now I eat cereal from these bowls and ice cream and berries and whatever else goes into a bowl. And when I do, I smile. And I think of my sweet grandmother. And my mother. And my grandfather, who bought these dishes for Grandma in a jewelry store many, many years ago. And I think how blessed I've been to have had such a wonderful family.

And I have not tucked them away, hidden from sight, in a cupboard, but I've put them on a little wall shelf along with some colorful glassware that I also bought at Goodwill because they, too, made me think of my childhood. Yay for Goodwill!

These bowls do indeed bring me pleasure. Sweet and simple.