Monday, July 14, 2008

When I Want to Shirk My Work...

"For God is not a God of disorder but of peace." ~I Corinthians 14:33

That verse is my motivation for cleaning my home today. Order brings peace. It is the nature of God to create order and loveliness out of little messes and decay. And God cleans into the corners.

I thought about that, of God cleaning into the corners, this morning when nothing but laziness made me want to skip cleaning the wood floor in the corner behind my reading chair. And when I began to rationalize why I really should clean the bathrooms tomorrow instead of today. They needed doing today, and I had plenty of time to clean them.

I don't always feel like cleaning. Today I'm feeling distractable. The Sirens call to me-- books, cooking, another cup of coffee... anything but doing what I know needs doing. Yesterday was a day of rest. Today, work needs to be done. So, like Odysseus lashed himself to the mast, I shall lash myself to my broom and turn away from the call of the Sirens. (Heh heh.) And I will do my work.

Laundry. Scrubbing. Mopping. Dusting. Cheese-making (before the milk spoils). Bread making. Fridge cleaning. Bathrooms. And also freshening and fluffing and picking some flowers to set out. "All in order, sweet and lovely..."

"Our participation in labor is a tool in God's hand by which we are created, by which we help create... We do very ordinary things, and God breathes life into the act. God breathes life into us." ~Father Daniel Homan, OSB

Work is good for me. It is good for my home. It is good for my family. And it does bring peace and rest and lightness of heart. An atmosphere of faith, hope, and love are created-- an atmosphere that reflects the Creator. And this has eternal influence on all who inhabit this place.

"As we are faithful to our work, we are faithful to all the lives we touch, and we are faithful to a vivid holy vision of ourselves. Work joins us to the substance of creation. Work graces us with dignity. Work joins us to God." ~ Father Daniel again

Suddenly the sirens don't sing so loudly any more.