Friday, August 15, 2008

A Few Questions, A Few Answers...

Beth asked if my vinegar-mop (mentioned in the post just below) is just water and vinegar. Yes it is. Half white distilled vinegar and half water, mixed in an old dish soap bottle. And I put drops of essential oil in to give it a bit of nice scent. Sometimes I'll mix quite a few drops each of orange and lemon and sometimes I'll mix lavender and lemon. Then I just squirt it on the floor and mop (using my great Shhh! mop from Clean Team). I love this stuff!

Tonia teasingly asked this after my ADD homemaking post: "do you think there is something good about this sort of spaciness? is it possibly some hidden quality of a brilliant mind? possibly?"

And I say, of course! :-) I wasn't kidding when I mentioned that Aimee got me semi-officially diagnosed with ADD (when she worked at a doctor's office), but I always tell my kids that I don't have ADD; I have the Edison Trait. :-) I could say a whole bunch on this topic, but I don't have time right now (that's probably a good thing!). Check out this blog for a discussion on the whole topic. It's kind of interesting, and even fun to read, (even if you were just kidding!):

Born to Explore

And Tonia and "The Mom" and Aimee have all asked in recent weeks if I'm going to finish my "homeschooling" or learning-atmosphere series. Yes, but not for a couple of weeks. (No, Tonia, you didn't miss the last three, but I can see how someone wouldn't notice them in this blog given the number of long posts I've written.) For the next little while, we'll be taking some little trips, and I'll be busy with other things, but when I get back into my routine, I'll finish those. If anyone wonders what I'm talking about, if you're interested you can look under the following link for all of the posts with "An Inspiring Home for Learning" in the title. You'll want to start at the bottom and work up:

High Desert Home: learning

There are other questions that have been asked, and I haven't forgotten them, but they'll require a longer answer than I have time for right now.