Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mrs. Incredible...

For years I've had a quirky thing going with my mugs. Every morning, while my coffee brews in the French press, I scan the cupboards for just the right mug. There really is only one that seems happy and comfortable for drinking coffee on a given morning, and that "right" mug changes from day to day.

This morning it was this one:

My stretchy Mrs. Incredible mug was given to me for my birthday
a few years ago by my sister's family.

I woke today (last night?) at 2 a.m., and since I was unable to fall back to sleep, I surrendered to insomnia and crawled out of bed for the day at 4 a.m. Maybe this had something to do with my Mrs. Incredible mug being ineluctably ordained for holding my morning coffee. At that hour, I was feeling far less than incredible. Maybe the mug would impart a jolt of energy or incredibleness to my weary self (though I'd be willing to settle for mere coherence). If not, maybe the caffeine would do the trick.

Whatever the case (and I did get through the day in acceptable form), I like this big, bold mug that leans over to one side. It stands out in the cupboard as being quite different from the others around it, which is apropos to the spirit of Mrs. Incredible, I suppose.

And on a day like today, I especially like the fact that it holds a good amount of coffee. Guess who's going to bed early tonight?