Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On Internet and Blogging Limits...

I mentioned down below that I had pulled a post and changed it because it broke one of my blogging rules. Nicole asked me about those rules in the comment box, but I couldn't give her a quick answer because my rules are just my own boundaries that don't have anything to do with what I think is "right" or "wrong" about blogging. Some of them are hard to explain, and I hesitate to share those. Others are concrete and easy to list. One thing I don't want to do is spend my time talking about blogging :-) , but I'll probably get around listing those "rules" soon. In the past week, I've been tightening up my boundaries and figuring out just how I want to approach blogging (having been at this for almost five months now, I have a better idea of how I want to do this).

I'm older and my kids are grown and mostly gone, and my husband is currently working far away, so it's easy to sit at the computer without it taking away from my relationships or duties. Still, I want the internet to be a very small part of my life because I have so many things in the real world that I want and need to do. Thankfully, a short time on the computer burns me out. And being online for more than half an hour or so is almost depressing to me for some reason. I guess I don't love the computer! :-)

Anyway, while I'm in the processing of thinking this through,
Elizabeth comes along and puts up what I think a really great post on this. I appreciated it very much, and it's already been a help to me. I love some of her rules, and I intend to keep them myself. She's quick to say that her rules are not the rules for everyone, but I think they're very much worth thinking about and can be helpful if you're looking for this kind of help and can tweak the ideas to fit your own situation:

Time Online, Revisited