Monday, August 4, 2008

Things From Your Life...

I wrap myself in this cheerful quilt on chilly fall and winter mornings while I drink my coffee and write in my journal. Even in August, when morning temperatures can drop down into the low 30's in our part of the high desert, I'm glad to have the quilt within easy reach on the living room couch. My grandmother pieced it together years ago, and I often study the old fabric designs and wonder how the cloth was used before it found its way into Grandma's quilt. The quilt is well-made but not flawless, and it's tied rather than hand-quilted, but I love it exactly the way it is, and I'm happy for the special, everyday connection it gives me to my grandmother.

From Christopher Alexander's book, A Pattern Language:

"Decor" and the concept of "interior design" have spread so widely, that very often people forget their instinct for the things they really want to keep around them... It is... fascinating to come into a room which is the living expression of a person, or a group of people, so that you can see their lives, their histories, their inclinations, displayed in manifest form around the walls, in the furniture, on the shelves. Do not be tricked into believing that modern decor must be.. anything that current taste-makers claim. It is most beautiful when it comes straight from your life-- the things you care for, the things that tell your story.

I so agree.