Wednesday, September 10, 2008

10 Things I'm Enjoying...

Not much to jump up and down about, decorating-wise,
but there's a pumpkin or two there (this is from last fall),
along with my Susan Branch Autumn book!

1. Fall-like days. 70 sunny degrees or so for a high, which means I can take my walk at any time of day. The temperature is dropping, normally, to just above or below freezing at night. And I'm getting enthused enough about fall that I'm just about to hit the decorating tipping point. Actually, I don't think anything I do could accurately be called "decorating," but I do like to give my home some fall spirit and warmth.

2. Having my son home for a visit. This is one nice young man. I enjoy that continual sound of guitar playing. And books lying open here and there with pencil and paper beside them. And tea being made much more often than usual.

3. The Brambly Hedge tea set I bought in England. I took a break from looking at its cuteness, removing it from my hutch shelves this summer. It's back on that hutch, the place it sat when I first began collecting the dishes in the 1980's. There are alot of good memories associated with this tea set and the hutch and our home in England and our young kids... I really do like it.

4. Eating more
"raw" food again-- not 100%, but I'm aiming for at least 50 to 75% for now. (While I'm saying I enjoy it, I must admit to a love-hate relationship with this way of preparing food.) Eating raw is not about eating rabbit food (ick!). Raw recipes are now very well crafted, and the food can be delicious. Both my eating and the way I was feeling have been getting increasingly "off" lately. (You should have seen me eating way too much cupcake batter when I was making cupcakes for Roman's birthday last Friday and Saturday! And then there were the finished, delicious cupcakes with almond frosting...) This is the third or fourth time I've decided to lean hard in the direction of raw food, and each time I do, things change. I feel clearer-headed, my skin gets smoother and softer and clearer and brighter, I feel lighter, I get a renewed energy and strength, I sleep better, my allergies improve. And more.

5. That cobbler or smock apron I mentioned yesterday. It makes me smile (I'm quite easily pleased).

Here's a smattering of the pyrex I have. There are many other colors and patterns stacked in my cupboard-- green, gold, orange, blue... This photo was taken last spring.

6. My pyrex collection. I'm glad I started this. I now have a cupboard full of mugs, odds and ends, bowls and flat-lid containers of all shapes, colors, and sizes. I use them for all sorts of things every single day. I use them when I soak nuts, seeds, and even grains overnight on the counter for sprouting. I use them for refrigerator storage (no plastic!). I use them for baking.

7. Sungold cherry tomatoes from my CSA. The best. I will make my goat cheese today and then have my favorite tomato salad from Patricia Wells' book
Vegetable Harvest-- halved cherry tomatoes (a mix of sungold and red cherry), slivered or chopped basil, crumbled goat cheese, sliced kalamata olives, lemon juice, sea salt. It all combines wonderfully. The sum is definitely better than the parts.

8. Kim's
Starry Sky Ranch blog. This is a wise woman who has raised, and is raising, a whole bunch of kids, with another one on the way! I don't read many blogs every single day (don't have the time), but I do check in at Kim's. Here's a worthy post from a couple of days ago, just as a sample of what's at the blog.

And Kim is the one who introduced me to...

Not my ideal, but still pretty keen!
If someone gave it to me, I'd gladly take it!
This kind of thing is getting hot.

9. Retro Renovation blog. Light, cheerful, and fun to browse, this is home style from the 40's, 50's, and 60's. (I happen to be a relic from the 50's and 60's myself.) Some of the Goodwill stuff I've bought can fall into the retro-mod decorating category. But how to mix English scrubbed pine antiques and cheery, charming things with the clean, mod lines and colors of the 60's? I have a crazy-eclectic (not always, or particularly, in a good way) collection of stuff in this home-- there's absolutely no coherence whatsoever, but I'm sure having fun!

Yogi Egyptian Licorice tea (sounds odd, tastes great, especially if you're fond of anise or licorice). For some reason, I'm not feeling like having coffee every single morning lately, so, on some mornings, I'm enjoying this tea instead. LIke today. Every tea bag has words of wisdom from the Yogi on it. Today, my tea bag says, "Your mind is energy. Regulate it." Okay, whatever. I like Proverbs better.