Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Grandsons...

Here are some photos of your nephews, Aimee, as requested. I'm always more than happy to oblige! Of course, anyone is welcome to have a look because what grandma wouldn't eagerly pull out photos of her grandchildren when asked?

Taken last week on a visit here. Roman is two-years-old (three next week), and Jayden is 17 months. This is another outside day, which is where children should be as much as possible if you ask me. As you'll see, the boys are properly grubby...

Roman seems to enjoy showing things to the neighbor's cows. Here he's called the cows to the fence to show them the too big gardening glove that he's wearing (on the wrong hand). Rosie, the puppy, as usual, is right beside Roman.

Jayden taking a rest on the red front porch bench. A little boy gets tuckered out playing out in the fresh air and dirt, especially a boy who has been helping with yard work!

Grandma Susy gave the boys a long ride in the wheelbarrow when it wasn't in use carrying yard clippings. As we rode along, Roman kept singing out, "We're on an adventure, aren't we Grandma Susy?!" Serious as Jayden looks here, he laughed for most of the ride, especially when I'd run. Roman loves his puppy!

Roman, as usual, is helping. He saw the rake in the front yard and dragged it around the side of the house where the wheelbarrow sat and got to work. The raking didn't last long with that unwieldy, uncooperative tool! And, no, Roman didn't rake all of the grass clippings in the wheelbarrow. :-)

Jayden gives up on sweeping the yard, tosses the broom aside, and heads off to do something else.

It looks like I posed the contemplative twins here, but anyone with a one-year-old and a two-year-old knows the posing thing is just not going to happen! The boys follow each other around, and Jayden copies everything Roman does. These boys can both be quiet thinkers, for sure, but they also laugh and run and squeal and play energetically all day long.