Friday, September 12, 2008

"Happy Birthday, Dear Mom..."

There she is. My mother. And my siblings and me. I'm second oldest-- the one just to the left of the baby, my brother, the only boy.

A good life for a child... An orange Studebaker in the driveway. Laundry flapping high on a line in the coastal breeze. Cowboy suits for all, complete with lariats. A home in the country with lots of room to run the range. Patchy grass in the yard because we played on it. Four amazing, smart, and talented siblings who are the best friends anyone could ever have.

And the thing that pulled it all together-- a mom with her arms wrapped around her little bunch of kids. An adorable, happy, energetic, positive, playful, good, affectionate, warm, memory-making mom who loved her family very, very much. One who has loved the Lord and has made her children want to love Him, too.

Proverbs says of that the children of the wise woman will rise up and call her blessed, and we do. Blessed Mom. Thank you for loving us so well, then and now.

I love you, Mom. Happy September 13 Birthday!