Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Husband, the Bug Guy...

Mike and Jayden outside exploring today. There's a bug in that jar!

Mike has been collecting insects for years now. I can't remember exactly when he started this in a serious way, but he's at least gone on bug explorations and searches for as long as I can remember-- always for himself, then with his own children, and now with his grandchildren. Both Jayden and Roman are fascinated by the insect world that is opening up to them thanks to Grandpa Mike.

Mike and Roman on our back property today, looking for bugs.

Mike really has a beautiful collection of pinned insects in boxes (I'll try to put up some photos eventually). I'd say that most of Mike's insect collection consists of beetles. That seems to be his main interest. He even joined the Coleopterist Society. He's also taken college entomology courses just for fun. And because he has traveled all over the world for his job, he has collected insects in many places, including the Amazon.

Co-workers have told me that they were at first startled by the sight of a light, pointing seemingly aimlessly and randomly (sometimes jerking around strangely) outside at night, wherever they were staying, but it didn't take long to realize, "Oh, that's just Mike wearing his headlamp, searching for insects." (I think we're an eccentric bunch!)

When Lisa L's son saw the above photo of Roman with Mike, he was inspired, so Lisa asked if Mike would be willing to write a post on how a child can start his own bug collection. I asked him if he'd be willing to do this, and he said, "Sure!" So, I don't know when this will be ready, but, hopefully, we'll have that for you soon, Lisa (and anyone else who might be interested).