Monday, September 15, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook (Tweaked)...

Jayden (who wanted to keep that dusty cowboy hat on his head all night) is helping Aaron play guitar. Aaron is leaving Wednesday to go back to school, and we'll miss him!

I am wearing a light blue button down t-shirt, blue jeans, warm socks .

I am reading Out of Solitude (Henri Nouwen). Fresh From the Country (Miss Read).

I am hearing silence, my favorite sound.

Learning all the time... Besides keeping my regular daily journal, I've started a simple nature journal. And I really do want to keep it simple, not bound by rules and expectations, but as a place to jot my happy notes and observations as they strike me, even if it's just to describe the day's weather or to mention that the sky was extra clear and pretty tonight. Here and there, I hope to include photos, clippings, artwork, and other things.

I am thankful that Aimee and Josiah found a nice, clean, affordable (!) apartment in a charming, older (1920's?), well-maintained building. Downtown is a quick walk away. Perfect. It's an answer to prayer.

I am hoping for a winter that is as lovely as, but gentler than, last year. (Please.) I love it when the countryside is blanketed in the beautiful quiet of snow, but we were almost buried and were literally snowbound too many times, which wasn't good when household members needed to drive off to college or work in the morning.

From the kitchen... Bangladesh-style beef curry. Apple spice waffles and coffee. Sweet potatoes simply smashed with butter and sprinkled with salt. All-fruit blueberry smoothies.

I am creating quilted throw pillow covers for the couch. This is my get-the-rust-out-of-my-quilt-piecing-fingers practice. After this, I want to make a simple quilt, but I definitely won't start with applique or curved seams (not enjoying that at all is why I stopped attempting to quilt years ago). For this pillow cover project, I chose colors that made me think of the natural countryside that I love around our home.

Bringing beauty to my home... I'm making those quilted pillow tops I just mentioned. I cut a spray of fresh flowers for the small bottle on the kitchen windowsill whenever the old flowers start to go. I've put a Cinderella pumpkin (my favorite) on the front porch and have requested more from the natural foods store owner (he gets them locally). I'm cozying up the house with warmth and color for the coming colder months. Just simple things.

Roman watches Grandpa Mike do a museum beetle "search-and-destroy" mission with his insect collection. Roman thought the dead insect in that jar was enjoying a swim, and he told the bug that it was "doing a really good job swimming," that it was "cute and sweet," and that he loved it "so very, very much." Okaaaayyy... :-)

Around the house... Mike is home. Aaron is still home but will return to his apartment in his college town on Wednesday. There's a lot of family around and plenty of noise (grandkids) and fun going on! Everyone but Josiah and Aimee were here for dinner last night (wish you guys could have come, too!). Then Mike showed Roman his amazing insect collection, and Roman was utterly fascinated. For dessert, we had ice cream-- Karmel Sutra (Ben and Jerry's) and Green & Black's dark chocolate.

Outdoors... Dark at the moment. (Adding this later... the morning sky is just starting to brighten, and the moon is absolutely beautiful as it is about to sink, huge and yellow, below the western hills. Wow.) The seasons are shifting. I've moved my little cafe table to the front porch rather than the back deck. It's too cold to sit out back in the early morning, and I enjoy sitting out front in later morning, maybe with coffee or tea and my journal, and at lunchtime with a book, before the sun reaches that part of the house and heats up the porch. I can look across the meadow and out to the hills. It's pretty out that way. The squirrels quickly empty the bird feeder every time I fill it, so not many birds are there yet. The sky is blue. Nights are cold. Days are warm. The almost full moon has been rising beautifully low in the sky on recent evenings.

I am thinking that if I don't do a better job writing letters and keeping up with special friends and relatives, I have no business keeping a blog. So, I'm working on that. It's important. First things first, you know! :-)

One of my favorite things... Lately, Carr's Ginger Lemon Creme cookies for tea.

A few plans for the rest of the week... To enjoy the people in my life and the routines and rituals and work of the days. Take things as they come. I have no pressing obligations or particular plans other than taking Aaron back to college.

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