Monday, October 13, 2008

Clothesline Weather and Christmas Music

Today's laundry, clean and fresh and smelling sweet!

It's been cold lately, with morning low temperatures falling below freezing for several days straight. It was ten degrees yesterday morning and 20 degrees today. Daytime highs have been chilly, too, with at least one day not reaching 40 degrees, so we've pretty consistently worn cardigans and jackets lately. Melissa has even worn her Ugg boots to work. Snow was forecast for Saturday, but none came.

Today was different, with the sun warming the air to 70 degrees, so when I went out to pin the laundry on the clothesline, I didn't need to wear a jacket. It was so nice to be outside that I hung the sheets and towels slowly, enjoying the clear air and the warmth of the sun on my back. When I went back into my bedroom to make the bed with a fresh set of sheets, I pulled the window wide open to let in as much air as I could. Light spilled in and a pleasant cross breeze blew through the room.

It all seemed so warm and cheery as I moved around the bed, tugging at the sheets and pulling the corners tight, when I thought I heard faint strains of Elvis singing Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree. I stopped and listened. Yep, that's what it was. Melissa was playing Christmas music in her bedroom.

"Hey, Melissa. Turn up the Christmas music, okay?"

So, I finished making my bed in a pleasant, summery atmosphere while Elvis, Ella, Nat King Cole, Renee Fleming, Frank Sinatra, Josh Groban, John Lennon, Amy Grant, and even Bob Marley, belted out some Christmas cheer. Sacred carols mixed with traditional, fun songs.

Melissa was playing the selection of songs she'd put on a CD for Aaron last year to enjoy during the Christmas season. It was his first college year away from home-- his junior year-- and he was living alone. Melissa got the idea to send him a package of holiday spirit to enjoy throughout the month of December. She spent days searching for just the right songs (music that would remind Aaron of holidays at home) to make a Christmas CD, and she even created a very cool and official-looking jacket for the CD case. Melissa wrapped it nicely and placed it in a box with some homemade cookies and Russian tea and mailed it off to Aaron in early December. He loved it.

(This is typical Melissa behavior. When she was quite young, she was given the well-deserved moniker "The Holiday Queen." She puts a huge amount of thoughtfulness and effort into her part of every holiday and family celebration, no matter how small. Melissa truly makes our lives and holidays special, all by herself!)

Melissa's Christmas CD selections are fun, but listening to the music in early October on a warm and sunny autumn afternoon probably seems to be jumping the gun just a bit. I know people who refuse to play Christmas music until either the day after Thanksgiving or the first day of December because they don't want the holidays to overlap, or they don't want to be sick of Christmas music.

But this is no problem in my family or in the families of my siblings!. We can all enjoy holiday music at any time. It must be my mother's fault. She plays Christmas music on any day of the year she wants to hear it-- even in July-- and she's like an exuberant little kid about it. She mentioned a couple of weeks ago that she'd been having a blast doing some Christmassy stuff and listening to Christmas music while she did it.

It makes complete sense to me.