Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Kitchen...

Joanna (I think it was Joanna, and I'm sorry if I'm wrong) asked if I'd mind posting photos of our kitchen sometime, so I took a couple shots of just the front end of the room.

Our kitchen is not particularly picturesque, nor is it stylish or up-to-date. It's a bit beat-up, the floors are impossible to make look perfectly clean, and the appliances don't match, but I'm truly quite content and happy with things just the way they are. Be it ever so humble, there's no place like the kitchen. It's a cheerful place where people gather and nice things happen, and we love this busy space in our home. Plus, the view out the window is very nice.

I shift and change what's on my counter all the time, but notice you don't see any countertop appliances? Same with knives and spices and oils and pans and measuring things and all that I need every day. It's all in drawers and cupboards right next to where I use them. Putting away the tools I use every day may not be the way of a chef or even of a serious, aspiring cook, but, apparently, it is a mark of a real lady. :-)

"...Everything that was of use, Mrs. Dancey hid away. Anything that was of no use to anybody, she proudly displayed. That was another reason Linnea knew she was a lady." ~Ardyth Kennedy as quoted by Peg Bracken in The I Hate to Cook Almanack

There is a mixer on the counter, right next to the fridge, and a toaster sits just to the right of the stove, but the blender and food processor are in the cupboard. I'm trying not to use them too often. I'm very glad to have them both (how could I make smoothies without a blender?), but in the midst of meal preparation, these little machines have a way of overstimulating, confounding, and frustrating me, making cooking less enjoyable.

I have a need to move somewhat slowly and deliberately, working hands-on most of the time. The less complexity and assembling and disassembling and washing piles of messy, hard-to-clean machine parts, the better, at least when I'm cooking. It's safer, saner, and more pleasant for everyone that way.

And while we're in the kitchen, there's...

The Telephone...

Hanging on the end of the kitchen cupboards is my telephone. I have a love-hate relationship with the phone. I love how it looks. But I hate answering it.

"We got home to find the telephone ringing. It is a sound that both of us detest, and there is always a certain amount of maneuvering to see who can avoid answering it. We have an innate pessimism about telephone calls... I picked it up as I would a long-dead fish." ~Peter Mayle in A Year in Provence

"I don't recall always hating the telephone, but no ambiguity exists today. How can one ever escape something as prevalent as mosquitoes and as irritating as a chain saw? As a result, I find it necessary to often unplug the phone or simply not to answer it at all." ~Richard Swenson in A Minute of Margin

Gosh, I'm feeling like a bit of a telephone curmudgeon. Anyone else like this?