Friday, October 31, 2008

Seasons, Pumpkins, and Leaves

"When we human beings let go and embrace the new, when we flow with the seasons, and merge with the same basic rhythm that tells the geese when to go, we hear things beyond sound, and feel things beyond touch, and a kind of serenity settles over our spirits." ~Jean Hersey in The Shape of a Year

And, of course, the author of everything-- of the seasons, of nature, of us-- is God. Moving in harmony with His rhythm and His seasons-- both physical and metaphorical-- brings us a special serenity. Things are never static. They're always changing. Embracing changing seasons and enjoying each one for its special gifts-- with openness and gratitude-- makes life richer. And adventurous! :-)

Michelle came today and started free-cutting leaves and pumpkins to make me a simple autumn swag (or whatever it should be called) to hang across my kitchen window. She did a bit of coloring, too, to make the pumpkins glow. She only had three pieces of colored paper to work with, but Michelle is creative, and I love this-- it's sweet. My favorite things are always simple things, homemade things. Things made with love by those I love.

And then Michelle cut some leaves for my mom (because she admired them), who will take them home to use in her house on the coast. And in the meantime, the boys absolutely loved playing with Boppy and Gramma! And we all ate candy corn. And, this evening, we're off to Michelle and Monty's house for a little party, where we will visit the cutest little Dinosaur and Mouse ever.

A very Happy Autumn to you, and don't eat too much candy tonight!


Added later for my friend, Laura A, who asked to see a closeup of one of the pumpkins. Michelle was just cutting freely, quickly designing the leaves and pumpkins with her scissors. I mentioned that there were only three colors of paper (and just a few colored pencils available), but she still managed to make everything cute, even with two little boys crawling all over her trying to help. I'm not sure which part of this pumpkin is the original color of the paper and which part is colored in (actually, if you look at the above photo, you can see the orangey color-- used as veins on the leaves-- that Michelle started with), but I like the loose style of these: