Friday, November 14, 2008

10 Things From My Favorite Places "Archives"...

Recently I scrolled all the way through the list of links in my favorite places, and, as I did, it struck me that they serve as something of a history of my past couple of years at the computer. When I add links to my favorite places, they line up chronologically (obviously), so when I scroll through the links, I'm reminded of exactly what was going on in my life at various times.

One whole section of my favorite places is a string of links to wedding planning stuff, another section is a bunch of links to last year's Christmas shopping, here and there are a rash of links to articles and books on particular topics of interest (often things I was only briefly curious about), and throughout the mix are clusters of birthday shopping links for various kids of mine.

There are a large number of Amazon links in my favorites list-- some to books that I ended up purchasing, some to books that I don't want anymore, and a few to books that I'd forgotten about altogether but that are still of interest to me.

Oh, there are all kinds of things in this favorite places lineup, including a vast number of blog links that I picked up here and there, as one can easily do once the blog-reading ball gets rolling.Many of these links are added to my favorite places, supposedly temporarily, with the intention of me looking at them later. But then I forget about them, and there the links remain, forgotten and unread.

Anway, since I acquired almost complete and total computer and blog burnout yesterday from writing that long post with miscellaneous topics and answers to questions (clearly, I do not have great computer stamina!), today I am posting something quick and light and fun (at least for me).

So, here's a semi-random selection of ten simple things, taken from the "archives" of my favorite places:

Amy Butler's house, decorated for Christmas. It's fun and inspiring, at least to my daughters and me. I love the style and the colors. Thanks to finding it yesterday at Kim's, this link owns the distinction of being the one most recently added to my favorite places.

I love looking at the photos on this Finnish blog (and I don't even mind that I can't read the text!) Thanks to Elspeth for leading me to this one.

I'll take this afghan for Christmas, please, in the Spice-Multi color. After being discontinued for a while, it's back in the catalog, thanks to high demand.

A fun, and truly "Hygge," blog that I discovered a long time back when googling the Danish word "hygge."

The very first blog I ever read, by a really great lady I've "known" for years and years.

My mother-of-the-bride dress for Aimee's wedding. Picked out for me by Melissa and approved by Aimee and Michelle because that's how it goes when girls grow up. Or maybe it was more like me saying, "Please, please find me a dress to wear so I don't have to shop!" And for a fascinating bit of trivia, the dress is the one I'm wearing in my profile picture in the sidebar.

The first easy, no-knead, artisanal-style bread I ever heard about (thanks to my real-life friend, Laura A). The bread is amazing and delicious. I've made countless loaves of it.

An article I serendipitously stumbled upon one day that led me to one of my favorite educational books, Educating Children at Home (by Alan Thomas).

I think it was Aaron who found this webpage ages ago, and it just cracked us up! So inventive and creative!

A fun and interesting personality test. I'm guessing most people have taken it somewhere along the line. I've talked about this test on my blog before. I am an INFP-- the highly-coveted (judging by the comments on that old post) Annie Dillard personality.