Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Than 100 Things I Like...

Photos from my files, clockwise from top left: some of my cookbooks, Saturday scones, morning coffee, morning light, evening living room, morning bedroom.

Family, patina, Alford & Duguid, cosy, Brambly Hedge, vintage glass, GK Chesterton, Vivalid's Four Seasons, hiking in the mountains, autodidacts, Moleskine, slow, A Pattern Language, morning, kindness, cookbooks, casual, Nigel Slater, wooden citrus reamer, walking towns & cities, Chardin, beatup & well-used, grandchildren, cosmos (the flower), reminiscing, eggs from pastured hens, Saveur magazine, natural fibers, mint chutney, simple, JS Bach, cacao nibs, wood stoves, a positive perspective, used bookstores, flowers unceremoniously plonked in canning jars, conviviality, busy kitchen tables, Sigrid Undset, Yumm! Cafe, raw milk, individuals, domesticity, Amy Carmichael, green lemonade, traditions, tent camping, quiet, open windows, spicy food, changing seasons, Grant Wood, buying local, spunk & spirit, Ponderosa Pines, light-filled homes, aprons, the Bronte sisters, free-range learning, routines, fresh-picked berries, screen doors, Django Rheinhardt, Goodwill, cosy chairs, joyful laughter, morning & evening light, cheesecake, stormy weather, CSA's & farmers' markets, simple cooking, handmade, LeCreuset, national parks, Ruth Bell Graham, hygge, eclectic, good quality smoky cheese, my parents, kitchens, bookshelves, CS Lewis, color, liturgy, funny people, French press, rituals, rustic, homemade cleaners, self-motivation, vintage blue & white striped Cornishware, earth-friendly, cosy libraries, natural light, gratitude, cello, Jerry Traunfeld, seasonal eating, nature, Carl Larsson, Oregon, cotton sheets, celebrating, Stumptown Roasters coffee, green living, Lauren Winner, the sky, lemon curd, journals of women's lives, holidays, vintage magazines (50's & 60's), Vermeer, journaling, Boos Block cutting boards, laughter of children, Rogue Creamery blue cheese, organic, Faith-Hope-Love.