Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Seven Things About My Kitchen...

Shannon tagged me to share seven things I love about my kitchen, and she didn't even have to twist my arm to get me to answer! :-) Thanks for inviting me to do this, Shannon, and sorry I'm so slow to respond! I think there will be no surprises here, as I've probably shown almost all of this before at one time or another, but, still, the kitchen is my favorite place, so this was fun to do...

This picture is a rerun from a couple of days ago. It's the front end of the kitchen. I like the view out the window and the overall cheeriness of the room. I like that the kitchen is open to the rest of the house.

Many of my cookbooks are here. I spend an awful lot of time with these books. :-)

My grandma (Grammy) had this huge tin, filled with flour, in her kitchen from as early as I can remember. Her mother (Nanny) had it before her. And now I (Grandma Susy) have it sitting on top of my refrigerator (I had to move it to shoot a clear photo of it, but it's back in place now!), containing different things at different times. It's special. I'll pass it on to one of my girls.

I bought this colander purely for the sake of nostalgia. My mom had one exactly like it. It's the only colander I ever remember seeing in our house while I was growing up. I wanted one just like Mom's, and when I found it, I hung it on the cupboard where it can be easily pulled down for use, and where I can see it all the time and smile. I know, I know. It's not my mother's colander, but that's okay because it reminds me of that old colander and of my mom.

What would I do without my LeCreuset pans? Things cook "right" in these pans. I have just a few-- red ones and green ones-- and just enough. All were gifts from my husband.

The kids bought me this great cutting board for Christmas one year (and some "Boos Block Mystery Oil" to keep it in fine condition!). Good knives are a must, too. These are the only two I ever use, and the only knife I wouldn't mind adding is a paring knife, but I've lived successfully without it so far.

Shannon, you mentioned that you like the color of my counters. I do, too. They're bright and warm and bring great cheer into the room. They were painted on a whim, and it was a good whim. :-) And I like the sitting area at the end of the counter that is sort of alluded to here by the bar stool. The chairs here are in continual use.

I think I've listed more than seven things, but who's counting?!

I have more kitchen stuff all ready to post, likely tomorrow, in answer to questions and requests for recipes (finally the Yumm! sauce, Renee, plus more).