Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another Fine Day at the Beach...

We're still enjoying amazing weather here on the Oregon coast. Every day for awhile has been sunny, clear, warm, and wind-free. So, pretty much every day, we've gone to the beach. Today was no exception, and, once again, we drove to the beach closest to home, which happens to be our favorite beach anyway because the waves are always so pretty, and it's often a great place for beachcombing.

As we stepped over the crest of the dunes to walk toward the water this afternoon, we saw that the tide was low and the surf was rough. Mom and I had already been on an "exercise walk" down the road in the morning, so we just ambled along the beach, looking for shells, watching the waves, and enjoying another beautiful day at the beach. I told Mom that if I could find a whole sand dollar, my day would be perfect. So, on we walked, looking and looking. There was a long strip of shells that had washed up on the beach, and we spent quite a lot of time looking there. And there it was, a tiny whole sand dollar. Perfect. I put it in my pocket and kept looking.

It wasn't long before we ran into our friends, Laurie and Dave, who were also walking the beach and looking for shells or any interesting thing that might wash up. (We crossed paths with them at this beach last week, too.) They'd been out there longer than we had, and they had their hands full of shells and whole silver dollars. Dave gave me some of his sand dollars and then I found a couple more. (When I came home, I had seven of them, so the day really was perfect!)

We looked around in the sand at the water's edge, and we noticed that in the spot we were hunting for shells, the water was moving crazily in all different directions. I'd seen this happen before at this beach, but it always amazes me when I watch waves going straight backward toward the sea, breaking and crashing into the waves coming in. I'm not just talking about an undertow here, or the normal action of water going back to ocean after it breaks on the shore. I'm talking about serious, literal waves moving toward the incoming sea and breaking over on the waves coming in. I have no idea what might cause this-- it's very strange. In the same place there are also strong currents pushing the waves perpendicular to the bigger ones coming in to the shore. The water looks really crazy when this happens (which seems to be rare), and I tried to a capture a photo of it, but it didn't work.

We walked on down the beach, and when we approached the jetty and the end of our walk, Dave and Laurie headed back to their car, and Mom and I stuck around for a while. It was a beautiful late afternoon and evening at the beach, so I'm glad we did. Plus, clouds are finally starting to form after many days of clear skies. The weather is making a shift for sure, and by the end of the week, rain is expected to fall here again.

It was a bit rough out there today.

Dave and Mom, walking along.
Laurie and me, walking along.

Bye Dave and Laurie.

Mom watching the ocean as the sun drops lower in the sky.

End of day.