Friday, January 30, 2009

Fish for Dinner?

Some small fishing boats in the harbor this late afternoon.

This afternoon, Mom and I went on another long, hilly walk in town, then we drove to a small nearby fishing village to pick up some snapper at the fish market. But they had no snapper today, so I bought sole instead. I had intended to make one of my favorite fish dishes for dinner-- snapper with
Padma Lakshmi's raw apple and mint chutney. I love this delicious, vivid green chutney. I make it in the food processor, and I could stand there and eat the entire thing all at once, one spoonful after another, straight from the processor bowl. But I don't. I behave in a more civilized manner and put the chutney in a bowl to share with others.

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And how about another harbor picture or two?