Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Sister and the Beach...

This is my little sister, Beverly. At 5' 10" she's three inches taller than me, but she's also three years younger, so she's still my little sister. For awhile, when we were young, my three sisters and I shared a bedroom, but later, Bev and I shared our own room. We got along really well and had a lot of fun as roommates. If you knew Bev (and some of you do), you'd know why. She is a funny, funny person and a blast to hang around with.

When I was a very young girl, I adored watching the Miss America pageant. I thought those women were perfect, and I wanted to be one. I reluctantly had to admit that I wasn't Miss America material, but I could tell that Bev was, so I had it in mind to groom her for the crown. Bev really was a pretty and talented girl (still is), but I lost interest both in Miss America and in coaching Beverly to win the pageant. She was never interested anyway. We'd rather climb trees and play in neighborhood tackle football games. Bev was voted homecoming queen in high school, though, so I think my eye for picking beauty queens was spot on.

As roommates, Bev and I weren't quite Oscar and Felix, but it was definitely the case that I liked the room clean most of the time and Bev didn't much care. Once I walked into the bedroom, and she was lounging on her bed. She said, "Look. The room's clean." I was pretty shocked at this sudden show of neatness, but because I knew Bev, I was also skeptical. So I looked under her bed, and there, wadded and smashed, was everything that had previously been spread openly across the floor. (Thanks, Bev, for cleaning the room!)

I slept on the top bunk, and Bev was on the bottom. At night, when the lights were out and everything was quiet and I was peacefully drifting off to sleep, it wasn't uncommon to suddenly feel the bed lifting and falling, lifting and falling. Instead of springs, there was a sheet of plywood under the mattress, and Bev would put her feet on this and lift me into the air-- up and down-- as I fruitlessly protested. But for some reason, it was hard to be annoyed with Bev. She just so easily made me laugh. She still does.

Now that I'm here on the coast again where I grew up, I get to see Bev often. She works during the week, but often on one or the other of the weekend days (sometimes both), we'll get together. Since going to the beach is the favorite thing to do for Mom, Bev, and me (and others in the family), we often head off somewhere where we can walk or just stop at viewpoints if the weather is bad. We just like to see and smell the ocean.

Today was sunny and pretty, but it was cold, and there was a hard, icy wind blowing. So, instead of walking down one of the sandy beaches, we went, once again, to the view-places along the road where the ocean crashes into rocks and cliffs. I've taken pictures in these spots before, but today was clearer than the first time I was there, so I was glad to get a few more pictures. (I take photos everywhere I go-- even if I've been there before-- because I want to make an album of this coastal area while I'm here.)

Above, Bev is looking out the reef.
She could be looking at this. See the sandy beach in front of that big rock? Those barely visible brown and light colored lumps on the sand are sea lions. This rock/beach happens to be the northernmost breeding ground (is that for the whole US or just in the west? I think it's the US) for sea lions. This spot is also a popular whale-watching site.

Looking north from the viewpoint. The waves aren't particularly big today, but the water is sure choppy out there.

I like this lighthouse.

And I like this cove.

This is near the cape at the end of the road.

I won't always mention my Kitchen Notes blog, but I will today just because I got side-tracked from my daily food log and talked a bit about another one of my sisters. So it's Sister Day at my blogs, I guess.