Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Breath of Fresh Air...

"The art of abundance is the art of awareness. It is a way to count our blessings and practice mindfulness in our daily living. Becoming aware of the small, the little, and the least offers us an opportunity to open our heartrs to a larger perspective. We learn to value the tastes, textures, scents, sounds, and sights of our lives as they present themselves to us moment by moment.

"Children practice the art of abundance naturally, but often as adults we lose the ability to explore and experience wonder. By choosing to be aware of the gifts life brings, we become lovers instead of critics, believers instead of doubters, and childlike mystics instead of world-weary critics."

~Candy Paull in The Art of Abundance.

The forecast for today was rain, but, instead, it turned out to be another beautiful, sunshiny day. Mom wasn't able go to the beach, but it would have been just plain wrong for someone not to go on a day like this, so I took Penny, our sweet, old, funny-looking, crookedy-walking dog. The beach was wind-free and warm enough to walk along without a jacket. Occasionally, I just sat in the sand and looked all around.

I also walked down the beach, and I think I found the sand dollar mother lode today. I filled my pockets with 15 whole, unbroken sand dollars, and that was without even looking really hard. That has never happened to me before. There were so many shells washing up in the surf that they tinkled like windchimes as they clinked against each other.

I meant to go on a vigorous walk down the beach with Penny, but I decided that not every day is meant for business. I had a good, hilly walk yesterday, and today just seemed like a perfect day for ambling, exploring, and beachcombing, not for power walking. So, that's what I did. I ambled and looked around and explored and sat in the sand and watched the birds and boats and the beach walkers and surfers.

I thought I'd only be at the beach for a short time, but I ended up staying for at least a couple of hours, and it felt like a gift. Fresh air, sunshine, nature, warmth, quiet. I love going to the beach with Mom, and we hope to go together tomorrow since the weather is supposed to be lovely again, but the alone time today was pleasant and refreshing.

This beach is a popular surfing spot, and the surfers catch waves right here alongside the jetty. There's a fishing boat out off the jetty (don't know if you can see it in this shrunken photo).

Here's that boat, headed toward the jetty and home.

These are oyster beds in the triangle between jetties. (I seem to have had trouble keeping my camera level today!)

Here's the fishing boat that was aiming for the jetty in the photo above. It's almost home. Home is the fishing village harbor in the photo at the top of the page.

And here a couple of helpful signs seen on the roads near the beach:

(Clicking photos should enlarge them.)