Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Home Again? At Least for a Visit...

Home. Taken last summer... because I don't have any new photos of home to post!

I left my house in a hurry on December 1, and I haven't been home since. But, unless the winter weather turns severe in the mountains, I'll be going there for a visit next week. I hope to stay for at least several days before returning to Mom's. Maybe it's time to start going back and forth between here and there, gradually working my way back into to my own home. However long that process takes, and it really might take a while, I'm looking forward to the visit.

My daughter, Michelle, and her family, are currently moving into my home as they prepare to move away from our high desert area in early May. Michelle has called daily to update me on the state of my house. The first call went something like this:

"Mom, it was almost creepy when I walked in here. It's dead cold and silent and the curtains are drawn. There's no one moving about-- not even a cat. And the house is decorated for Christmas!"

Oh, and Michelle let me know that the pipes under the sink had cracked in spite of the fact that we had carefully drained everything and had turned off the water completely. But, really, it's not surprising there was a problem with the pipes. The only source of heat for our home is our wood stove, and with no heaters to leave set on low, it was impossible to keep the abandoned house from freezing to its very bones. And the house happens to have been unoccupied in the most frigid parts of winter when temperatures can drop below zero degrees at night and occasionally barely rise above it during the day.

But Michelle is my sharp and undaunted one who can pretty much do anything she decides to do, including plumbing in a pinch, it seems. Michelle has now replaced much of the plumbing under the kitchen sink, and while she's been at it, she has also identified a potential problem with some bathroom pipes. She says she just might go ahead and replace those, too, before they really do become problematic.

(Thanks, Michelle! I'm so glad I let you tinker with everything you wanted to tinker with when you were growing up! Oh, and feel free to put away the Christmas stuff and to decorate for spring if you want. Yippee-- spring is coming!)

So now, the plumbing works, the wood stove warms the house to cheeriness once again, the curtains are pulled back to allow sunlight to fall warmly into the rooms, fire wood has been stacked on the back porch, and when Michelle phones, I can hear my little grandboys chattering and laughing as they play in the background.

It will be very nice to walk into a warm and lively home when I return for a visit. I'd like to stand at my kitchen sink, my hands in warm, soapy dishwater, and stare out the window. It sounds nice to rise early in the morning and sit in my green chair across from the woodstove with my morning coffee and journal. I look forward to perusing my bookshelves and getting my hands on some of the books that I've wished I had with me here at Mom's. Maybe I'll get to watch the sun set below those familiar western hills in the evening. And perhaps I'll take a long walk down our country road if it's not too muddy.

It will be especially nice to see Michelle, Monty, Roman, and Jayden again after these months away. I can't wait to see how much those boys have grown, to give them a big hug, to read aloud some stories, to sing some songs, and to chatter and play and laugh with them once again.

If all goes well, Lord willing, and I'm able to make it home as planned-- even if it is just for a short time-- it will be nice to be there.