Monday, February 2, 2009

A Beautiful Day at the Sand Dunes...

This is my sister and her family, left to right: Nicole (age 11), Zane (age 16), Conner (age 8), Alia (age 15), JoAnne (old). I wish you could see this better. The faces these guys are making are great!

My sister (younger than me by 15 months) and her four homeschooled kids showed up early this morning to spend the day with us. In the afternoon, we drove up the coast a ways to a trailhead that led to the sand dunes. We had a lot of fun playing in the water, climbing and jumping down the dunes, and trotting around in the sand.

And, because the weather is so beautiful, and it's supposed to be even nicer here on the coast tomorrow, my sister and her family decided to spend the night here and do something fun with us again tomorrow.

Here are some photos taken today at the dunes:

Interesting trees on the trail.

Conner walking along the trail.

Arriving at the open dunes.

Alia walking on water.

JoAnne, watching her kids slide down the dunes.

JoAnne, sneaking up on her kids.

Nice stride, Nicole.

And this is the family singing "Happy Groundhog Day to You" in a cell phone call to their dad, Gene, who had to work today and couldn't come with his family.