Monday, February 16, 2009

While We Were Gone...

We saw two of my favorite people in all of the world-- Aaron and Melissa, my youngest two.

My niece, Nicky, playing one of my favorite Bach pieces (I knew it first from YoYo Ma's CD of unaccompanied Bach cello suites).

We went to stay with my sister this past weekend to see my 17-year-old nephew's soccer game (which I ended up missing, and in which he sprained his ankle) and to see my niece, Nicole, and my nephew Conner play in a strings recital. Nicole, 11, is a fine violist, and Conner, 8, is doing very well on the violin. He's adaptable, too. He walked on stage to play his recital piece, and the pianist started playing a different piece altogether. Conner knew this music, too, so he said he thought, "Well, I guess I'll play this instead." He played beautifully, but he wasn't entirely able to suppress a hint of a smile and an occasional amused smirk.

I discovered a yummy "raw" snack yesterday at a natural foods store near my sister's house-- a lime and cilantro seasoned pack of nuts. The thing about these nuts is that they are soaked and dehydrated, giving them a roasted sort of taste without the high heat of actual roasting, which kills the enzymes in the nuts. This was a really delicious snack (the store cashier told me he's addicted to this particular flavor), but the nuts are expensive! So now I have one more reason to buy a dehydrator-- so that I can soak nuts and fool around with lots of different flavors for dehydrating them!

My sister, Nancy, who has a dehydrator. :-) I don't think I've ever put her picture on my blog, so here she is. She's my older sister! By 15 months.

I've been wanting an Excalibur dehydrator ever since I started looking into raw foods. My sister, Nancy, has one, and she uses it all the time. I love what she does with her dehydrator (for one thing, she makes the best dried apples ever-- even better than the ones our Grampy used to make!). So, next on my list of bigger purchases... a nine-tray Excalibur dehydrator.

Oregon is celebrating her 150th birthday, and lots of museums had free admission on Saturday, so we visited the University of Oregon art museum. Both Melissa and I said our favorite piece of art was probably "Wreck of the Old 97" by Thomas Hart Benton (above).

And, finally, because I'm too lazy to go over to my kitchen blog to post today's food log, I'm just going to add it to this post. Listing what I'm eating helps to keep me in line!

JoAnne made farina for breakfast. I ate mine with butter and maple syrup.

Then JoAnne and I drank some French pressed Sumatra coffee.

A banana.

A Gopal raw snack made from macadamia nuts, coconut, goji berries, and agave. Not bad!

Passionberry Kombucha. Not bad, either, but grape is still my favorite.

Some Green & Black's dark chocolate. Plus I tried a piece of Chocolove 70% chocolate. I can't help but adore this chocolate because there's a love poem on the inside of every wrapper.

A fresh-juiced orange.

A large green salad topped with homemade "Parma!".

A roasted sweet potato, smashed with butter and salt and pepper.

A tall glass of green lemonade.

Chocolate of the Gods Mousse (the "raw" chocolate mousse made with avacado).

Exercise... Mom, JoAnne, and I walked up and down the hills (some of them long and steep) and streets of JoAnne's neighborhood, probably logging around three miles. It was a great walk.