Monday, March 16, 2009

On This (Almost) Spring Day...

(I only wish this was my porch and table and scene.)

I’ve spent a very nice, peaceful afternoon in my kids’ apartment, and for the first time in a weeks, I sat leisurely in front of the computer to browse and poke around. I wasn’t looking for news or depth or anything serious-- just simple things, ordinary rhythms and routines, and beauty. I appreciate a grateful spirit. It’s next to laughter for good medicine.

So, I stopped by some blogs I haven’t had a chance to visit in weeks, and I followed any rabbit trails that appealed. One place I ended up was
Simple Sparrow, a blog I used to visit frequently, and while I was there, I enjoyed her Five Senses Friday list. Apparently, the Five Senses idea started at this blog (a place I’ve never seen before today because, honestly, I don‘t do this internet surfing thing much), and I liked the idea so well that I started writing my own list just for fun. And then (even though it’s Monday and not Friday) I decided to post it on my blog, in spite of the fact that I have no photos to go along with the items I’m listing (I’ll soon be home for a while, and I’m sure I’ll be taking loads of photos then).


Aaron at the computer, with the cat on his lap, studying for this week’s university finals. I love that he is smart and studious and loves to learn.

Out the window. Rain-- incessant rain-- falling, falling... but in a couple of days I’ll be in the high desert where the rain knows how to take a break.

I’ve enjoyed seeing and visiting with my wonderful two youngest kids the past few days.


Afternoon coffee, shared with Aaron while he sat at his computer and I sat with Melissa’s laptop. And, along with the coffee, we had Girl Scout “Samoa” cookies.

A roasted sweet potato with butter and salt-- something simple I’ll never tire of.

Whole grain hazelnut French toast with bananas and pure maple syrup, eaten while breakfasting out with Aaron and Melissa at a very busy campus-area restaurant on Saturday morning. Yum.


The giant lump in the middle of the futon where I slept the past few nights. I could either sleep on the summit of the bump or sleep on either side and slide gradually down the slope through the night.
In spite of the misshapen futon mattress, I slept well, and I am grateful to my sister and her family for having me in their home. They are truly the most hospitable people I’ve ever known.

This is an inner feeling, but it is so peaceful and nice in my kids’ apartment this afternoon. Rain falls. There is quiet while we do our own things, but it’s punctuated with comments and conversation. Aaron read aloud some simple and powerful poem/prayers that he‘s now trying to track down for me in an English translation.

A little bit too chilly when I take off my fleece jacket and a little too warm with it on. So, off and on it goes...


That particular freshness in the air after a hard rain clears and the sky is blue.

Freshly brewed dark roasted coffee made from fresh-ground beans.

The thickest, richest, darkest hot chocolate ever. Made by my sister on Sunday and served in demitasse cups with fresh whipped cream. I’m listing this under “smell” rather than “taste” because, somehow, I resisted temptation. I’ve had it before, though, so I can attest to the accuracy of the three adjectives I used to describe the hot chocolate.


Whatever music Aaron happens to be playing on his computer. At the moment it’s Gorecki’s Symphony of Sorrowful Songs.

Cars splashing past the window.

Melissa taking a shower after going for a run in the rain with her cousin.

(Looking this over, I realize that I have once again made wordy an idea that seems intended to be minimalist.)