Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Littlest Pastry Chefs...

We were in Portland visiting Aimee and Josiah this past week, and, after dinner, someone (okay, maybe it was all of us) suggested that Josiah should bake chocolate chip cookies (he makes great cookies on demand). Aimee said it would be fun if Roman and Jayden could make the cookies, under supervision, of course.

Since there were no chocolate chips in the apartment (and that's the only type of cookies one should make when a craving strikes for freshly baked, warm cookies), Josiah and Roman walked to Trader Joe's, with Melissa and I tagging along behind (Aimee assigned Melissa the task of taking photos of the trip to the store). While Melissa followed Roman and Josiah around the store snapping photos, a Trader Joe's employee said, "Someone's first trip to Trader Joe's, huh?" Well, no, but we were on an adventure. It was dark outside, after all, and past someone's bedtime...

We walked back home and up two flights of stairs, with Roman holding Josiah's hand and jabbering the entire time. Somewhere near the top of the final flight of stairs, I overheard Roman say, "We've had a fun time, haven't we Josiah? Yeah, this was a fun adventure wasn't it? ...Whew!... My legs are really tired."

And then we went back into the apartment where aprons were tied round the boys and cookie making ensued. Aimee and Josiah measured the ingredients and put them into bowls, and the little boys did most of the dumping and mixing with Josiah there to oversee and help. Roman surprised us all by cracking an egg perfectly, pulling apart the shell, and dropping it into the bowl, like he'd done it a hundred times before. Really, it was his first time.

The boys grabbed handfuls of dough, plopped them randomly (wildly misspaced and greatly varying in size) on the parchment paper-covered baking sheet, and into the oven they went.

And, of course the cookies were absolutely delicious. The best ever, I'm quite sure.