Thursday, April 2, 2009

This Evening...

These are the traveling tulips. They made their way to various places in the house and into several blog posts. And now they're gone.

I happen to be happily and productively distracted by some things I'm working on around home and in my life, so there's no post for here yet. I may just have a whole bunch to say soon, though, with all that's on my mind. I'm feeling inspired and motivated, and I'm also having to work harder at things than comes naturally to me (this is a very good thing).

I had my next "learning atmosphere" post very close to finished, and then, not at all surprising if you know me, I accidentally and irretrievably deleted it. I've done this before (maybe even with this particular topic!), but hopefully, I will never do it again.

Anyway, now I'm left with a sheet full of scribbly notes in my own messy, unorganized outline style, and I hope it's enough to give me the oomph I need to write the post again fairly easily. I'll start on that in the next day or two, and, hopefully, since I've already written most of it once, it will roll right out for me.

But I did put something up on my kitchen blog about our really tasty dinner tonight-- Asian Salmon Packets. Go have a look if you eat salmon and love an easy, good, healthy, delicious meal.

And Shannon and others, I did see the questions you've asked in comments, and I will get to them as soon as I can. Thank you for your comments! :-)

Now off I go to tidy any stray messes that are lying around the house, put some wood in the box for tomorrow morning's fire, return my daughter's phone call, and then read until I fall asleep. It's a very good night...

Snow is piling up outside, covering everything in white as dusk deepens into night. I hear the sweet sound of my daughter reading aloud to her boys and them laughing in response. The fire is crackling away in the wood stove. We're all fed and full enough and grateful to be blessed with good food to eat. And we've made plans to cook a nice dinner, eat dessert (one Melissa made up for herself), and watch a DVD tomorrow evening. Party Night! When the kids were growing up, every Friday night really was Party Night, and we all have fond memories of those special, fun times.

Signing off...