Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bedside Flowers...

When you are feeling too poorly to lift your head from the pillow, let alone get out of bed, it's very nice to have someone place a cheery pot of flowers on the table beside you. Then to lie there, hearing the quiet whispers of people moving through the house, doing the work that you should be doing-- packing and moving and organizing-- and occasionally coming in to see if you need anything.

And, on day two, feeling much better, but still unable to arise, lying in bed reading, while those nice people once again move through the house thoughtfully, quietly, and unobtrusively.

Lying still and quiet. Pretty flowers brightening the room. Morning sun falling gently in the wide open window. Sweet, cool, fresh air blowing lightly through the room. I can't think of a more pleasant way to feel poorly.

I'm moving around a bit this evening. And maybe someday I'll feel like eating again.

Thanks, Mom and Nancy, for everything. You'll never know what a help you were (in so many ways) while you were here.