Saturday, May 9, 2009

Busy, But Relaxed, Progress...

Scraps left on the table from a small sewing project because, yes, we do take breaks from all of the work we've been doing to get ourselves...

...moved out of here!

We've gotten a lot more work done than it appears in the reflection in this mirror. The bookshelves behind the boxes now contain garage sale items. The things on the hutch in the background are waiting to be packed or put onto the sale shelves. Most stuff is packed, though.

There have been some nice things going on. A lot of simple (and big!) nice things, like...

~It's a girl! Yippee! Michelle's third child, after two sweet boys, is going to be a girl. Michelle had her 20-week ultrasound yesterday, and we were all elated at the news (though we would have been thrilled with a boy, too).

~A thoughtful neighbor who really surprised me by coming to mow the entire (big) yard. He was driving that riding lawn mower around my yard for almost two hours. Wow.

~A daughter who is sooo helpful with packing and sorting (and so much fun to have around)-- thanks, Michelle. (Boy you did a lot today!) Love you.

~Grown kids who call home just to chat with their mom and are so pleasant and interesting to talk to. See you guys soon-- can't wait!

~A mother and a sister who call to say they're coming to help me next week.

~Eating our family's traditional Saturday morning scones with Michelle and the boys this morning.

~Sitting by Michelle in the pleasant (not hot) sun on the back deck this morning while the boys played and got very, very dirty (as boys do and should).

~Raw "pumpkin" soup with no pumpkin in it (from Natalia Rose's book, Detox4Women). Suprisingly yummy. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the abundance of good food we have available to us.

~Little boys who can just sit and think. Or sit and read. Or spend hours a day imagining and playing without needing to be entertained.