Sunday, May 10, 2009

Do You Have This Recipe? (Help! Comments Open For This One)...

Today I had the great idea to fry some white fish and top it with Padma Lakshmi's Green Apple Mint Chutney. I love this! And the more I got to thinking about the chutney, the more I started craving it. It's raw and absolutely delicious.

So, I went to my cookbook shelf to look up the recipe in Padma's book, Tangy Tart Hot and Sweet, and I suddenly remembered that the book is still at my mom's house with the things I still haven't brought home from my stay there.

So, I came online and did a search for the recipe. There were lots of references to it (seems a lot of people like it), but no recipe. Drat!

So, we went to town, and I stopped by Borders to see if the book was there. Nope.

Then I went to the library. The library has the book, but it's checked out. Overdue, in fact.

My girls don't have the recipe, and my mom is out of town, so she can't look it up in my book for me.

Now what?

Well, I honestly don't know if anyone but my kids is looking at my blog anymore, but just in case someone is reading, and on the off-chance that one of these someone's has Tangy Tart Hot and Sweet (I hope, I hope), could you please leave the recipe in comments for me? I would be so glad if I could pick up the ingredients when I'm in town tomorrow and have the fish tomorrow evening.

Thanks. :-)