Monday, May 11, 2009

I Keep Turning Comments On and Off...

When I let you know awhile back I'd be ending my blog, I thought I'd just slide out quickly, so I turned off comments. Then I'd have a reason to allow them for one post, so I'd turn them back on. Then I'd turn them off again. It all seems a bit thoughtless. So sorry!

I was talking with someone this evening, and I mentioned that it feels rude to have a public blog and no way for anyone to contact me. No email. No comments. So I think it's best just to leave the comments open until I'm gone. I won't be changing this again. :-) Thanks for being patient with me!

And hello to you Dorothy and Laurel. It was nice to see your comments this morning even though you didn't have that recipe I was looking for. About the recipe, I decided to that there's a thing called "delayed gratification" that is good to practice. So, I'll just wait to have the fish with mint and apple chutney when I have my book back.