Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Portland's Best Coffee Company Moves to New York (Alert for Laura!)...

A photo from a long-ago post. Stumptown coffee. Normally, there's a colorful card in that slit on the bag, telling what type of beans it contains. I probably pulled out the card and used it for a bookmark...

I just read today that the owner of my absolute favorite coffee roasting company-- Stumptown Coffee Roasters of Portland-- is moving (or has?) to New York and is opening up for business there. I had a moment of panic when I saw this. I was pretty sure that the company would stay open in Portland because they are so highly popular and successful there (and the company's roots are there), but are things going to change? Will Stumptown go the way of Starbucks (apparently, too much growth, resulting in quality that is stretched thin and watered down to the point of who even wants to go there)?

Stumptown Roasters have have kept a good rein on their business. You can't find these beans just anywhere (but you can order them online at, and it's always a draw when I see a shop or business that proudly displays a sign saying they serve Stumptown Roasters coffee. Those shops have always been in Portland or in close reach of Portland. But now Stumptown will be in New York, too. I suppose this is natural and inevitable since the owner has moved there-- of course he'd want to open up for business in New York, too! But I hope that, somehow, Portland's great coffee company will not change, while, at the same time, I hope it will be appreciated and highly successful in New York, as it has been here in the northwest.

This is the coffee that I featured in my blog sidebar for ages under the heading "Daily Grind"-- Stumptown Sumatra (they roast more than one type of Sumatra beans). I happen to be typing this as I drink a nice, hot mug of Stumptown Roasters "Sumatra Gayo Mountain" coffee. I ground the beans and brewed the coffee in my French press, as always. This coffee is good stuff.

A barista in a Eugene coffee shop that I frequent (only because they sell Stumptown coffee beans) told me that she didn't even drink coffee before working there, and she had every intention of making great coffee drinks without ever consuming them herself. She sighed and said that this coffee just smelled too darn good and that eventually she learned that it tastes as good as it smells. She justified her lack of resolve by saying that Stumptown is all about nuance, like fine wine, and how can a person resist that?! :-) Indeed.

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I know. I'm raving.